Formed in 2017 around lead singer and guitarist David Sladek, with Bassist Florian Muralter and Raphael Vorraber on drums, SLADEK released their debut-album ‘ Daydreamin’ in spring 2019.

In year 2021, the group released four new singles and videos – pointing towards the follow-up EP ‚Fabricated Reality‘ and the project’s fifth lead single ‘Up In The Clouds’ released in early 2022.

Fast forward to 2023 the band, now consisting of lead singer and guitarist, David Sladek, bassist, Alvis Reid and drummer, Raphael Vorraber, now focus on a characterful sound which without compromise, is rough while being warm, and at the same time soulful and honest. By highlighting the natural characteristics of their instruments and vocal craft rather than polished productions, new songs like ‘Handful of water’ and ‘IDGAF (but i care)’ come with an unprecedented authenticity.

A full EP is expected to be released by the end of 2024.

past releases

Back To You
Get Over