Daydreamin’ offers a variety between seemingly carefree pop songs and sophisticated neo-soul productions with plenty of room for interpretation.
Hip-Hop beats collide with multifarious guitar sounds and emotional electronic ballads meet uncompromising drum grooves.

The band presents its own sound while steadily remaining 100% authentic und original. The sensitive yet reckless guitar playing in combination with phat bass lines and fresh drum grooves, creates their personal sound.

Lastly, absolute uniqueness is achieved by adding the voice of the lead singer, who sings both emotionally and energetically about the ups and downs in life.

A prime example of this is the album’s fist single ‚Get Over’ – a constricting ballad about the painful feeling of addiction and the process of overcoming it. In the respective music video the message is underlined and transported to a different level by dancer Rima Baransi, who in 2016 gained massive online recognition from millions of viewers for a viral dance performance on the streets of Italy. Besides international appreciation, Rima’s dancing also lets critical voices and conservative mindsets speak out loud. Through her pure and emotional art of dancing she is setting an example for self-determination and freedom.

Therefore ‚Get Over‘ outlines what ‘Daydreamin’ comes down to: space for interpretation and artistic freedom between Pop, Neo-Soul and every other influential aspect of life.